Friday, July 9, 2010

Suppression of itch by eczema care

The skin disease atopic dermatitis is a skin irritation that is caused by different reasons and causes a scratching of the patient to the itchy skin, which in turn reacts with more irritation and injury, bringing a constant cycle of the disease with them. bring this vicious circle of itching and scratching, it means that the symptoms are maintained. Only one care can provide relief eczema order to alleviate the itching, which in turn means that the patient does not have this irresistible urge to stop the itching by scratching of the skin areas halt. Especially at night the itching of the skin is particularly strongly perceptible, which in turn brings a sleep debt among those concerned with it. The fatigue that results from the sleep disorder is another consequence of the disease, manifested by itching of the skin and therefore an intense eczema care needs, as well as the psychological effects of itching, fatigue and reduced performance may not be disregarded. The atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease of the skin, but not contagious. Besides the name, the terms eczema and atopic dermatitis and endogenous eczema are common. The term "atopic" derived from the 19th Century. At that time the disease was thought to have a nerve inflammation, and the term given to the suffix "itis", as defined in the Medical inflammatory processes of the body. While the view of the nerve inflammation could be rebutted quickly, the concept of atopic dermatitis continues to be widespread and the disease known as such. The symptoms are almost always red and scaly, and often weeping eczema, which are formed on the skin and bring a strong itching. In most cases, the disease is relapsing and modified in the course of the age their appearance. While the disease is generally not considered curable, but it is still treatable, to reduce itching of eczema and other maintenance medications. The dry skin is an important aspect of the disease that requires treatment and is supported by externally applied anti-inflammatory drugs. Various treatment methods must be selected in case of an individual physician or an allergist skin.

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