Saturday, April 17, 2010

Insomnia Menopause - Many Women Are Affected

Women over 40 years suffer very often from sleep problems. You can sleep badly, or they sweat extremely during the night. Very often find the women back even more in the restful sleep. One in two women suffer from sleep disorders. Menopause and hormone changes in women are the reason. The ovaries begin to reduce the production of estrogen. The other hormones out of balance. Thus, changing the sleep patterns of women and they suffer from troublesome sleep disorders. Menopausal women affect the production of hormones.
Insomnia menopause may also have psychological causes

In addition to the physical causes insomnia menopause also have psychological causes. A woman's body changes during menopause, but also the role of women in society. These changes can ponder many women and not sleep well. Many women write a sleep diary, so they can watch when they sleep poorly, what they feel and have experienced during the day. This argument also means that the brooding during the night less and will put the women deal with their new role and identify.

Anyone who suffers from insomnia menopause should maintain his sleep too. Women should avoid coffee and black tea in the late afternoon, and alcohol should be consumed in small amounts. There are many relaxation exercises that can just help women in menopause. Yoga can be very helpful, but also relaxation CDs to help with sleep disorders. Menopause is an intervention into the psyche of women. should take sleeping pills always be the last resort, there are teas that can promote a restful sleep, or herbal remedies that ensure asleep for the necessary relaxation to. A conversation with a doctor of confidence can certainly provide the necessary help for insomnia menopause. The doctor also informed about possible causes and find out if physical causes are the reason for sleep problems. Who's sleep problems seriously and are informed about treatment methods can more easily fight it, and soon again find the restful sleep that is lost.

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