Friday, April 16, 2010

Falling Asleep Occurs in Almost Every Human Being

Almost everyone suffers from insomnia once in a lifetime. Falling asleep, if not be medically determined, one can obtain by simple means in the handle. Because too little sleep can make you sick.

The falling asleep, suffered by many people as possible, different underlying causes. In general, one distinguishes between the sleep disturbances Isomnie (insomnia) and sleep apnea syndrome (SAS). The sleep apnea causes breathing interruptions during the night short. Most noticeable of which the person anything, except that he wakes up not recovered the next morning. SAS is in most cases is not life threatening but can cause long term damage lack of oxygen.

In the case of sleep disorders must be clarified medically if not cause mental or physical disorders, the disorder. If no one speaks of the diseases identified primary Isomnie (sleep disorder with no obvious cause). At primary diagnosis Isomnie can still further be distinguished between in-and staying asleep. For problems with sleep are often affected awake for hours. In Durchschlafproblemen of those affected are awake at night several times and can fall asleep and difficulty. A combination of the two sleep disorders is not rare.
When asleep, one should not resort to drugs like

Sleep disorders are often short-lived, but if they persist over a longer period, they may develop a chronic Isomnie. Chronic Isomnie needs to be addressed, because people have always too little sleep on a decreased concentration and reaction. Enough sleep is one of the basic needs of our body.

If the body does not get enough sleep can lead to dangerous situations. The second his sleep during the day not a result of constant sleep deprivation. Therefore, we are falling asleep in the category for primary Isomnie think about whether or not cause incorrect behavior disturbance. Who, for example in bed watching TV, does office work or eat in the brain deletes the fixed connection between bed and sleep. You should ask the doctor for insomnia medications is not equal to, or buy in the pharmacy prescription resources. For drugs to sleep can be addictive over time. It is better first to worry about is what might change. To many, it helps if the dinner is not too late to take to the bedroom is cool and well ventilated and do some relaxation exercises before going to bed.

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