Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fasting is very good for the body and spirit

Many people make allowances, because they are dissatisfied with their appearance. But even if the fasting is to lose weight, the goal is different. The body should be purified by a conscious food intake is stopped. There is only one emergency care, especially with fluids, so that no health hazard is to be feared. Nevertheless, we can examine in front of a fasting cure and advised by a doctor. At best, there is even a medical follow-up during Lent.

Fasting is a particular problem for people who suffer from a metabolic disease. Diabetes can be a serious problem if the food supply is stopped. Therefore, people should start with a pre-existing conditions never on your own a detox program. This can in some cases be very dangerous. For a healthy person, it is however not a problem to waive for a limited time on food. However, one should not operate with a fasting all violence. Ultimately, a good result is possible only if the patient has a good attitude to the whole issue.
Fasting requires great mental strength and stamina

In the first days of the waiver of solid food is difficult. The body has a great desire for food and it takes a while until the body adjusts to the new conditions. If this happens, the feeling of hunger disappears. Most fasters feel light and carefree then. The performance is surprisingly high. Therefore, it is usual to take walks or otherwise keep the body going. To succeed, the will must be present to make the Lenten experience. It is very interesting to listen to your body inside.

If the fasting becomes a torture, it makes little sense. It would have to believe a false idea that it is possible to obtain a more sustainable weight loss would be. After fasting, the old weight is reached quickly. But that's not bad, for the purpose of the Heilfastens is to detoxify the body. This has a positive effect on the mind. If this feeling does not cease, you should stop fasting. With a little discipline and a strong will, however, it is possible to develop a completely new feeling. This is all worth a try.

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