Thursday, February 24, 2011

Experience Meditation with Music Consciously

Music exists in all cultures, and probably since the dawn of mankind. Very often used in meditation music to enhance the relaxation effect. And meditation can enhance the music experience.

Meditation is to bring the people to be more inner peace and serenity, she can experience new, deeper levels of consciousness and has a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. There are many ways to meditate in silence, with and without movement, with texts, images or music. Many feel the meditation music as pleasant and reinforcing the relaxation, meditation and select music as background music in the implementation of the meditation techniques. What music is appropriate, of course, primarily responsible for their own taste, however, some guidelines for the selection of appropriate music to be respected. Meditation music should be calm and gentle, too fast, lively, and "rock" tones let the pulse rate will soar, and increase heart rate, both are successful relaxation is set. The volume should be pleasant calming and relaxing, many prefer a quiet background music to increase concentration and distracting environmental sounds not too much exercise.

By making meditation music to a whole new experience

Many cultures offer appropriate music, one has to be a culture a special relationship, one can decide, for example, for Indian, Indian, Japanese or similar sounds to the depth and expansion to increase awareness of meditation. The same is true with natural sounds: the song of whales and dolphins are often incorporated into music and has many very relaxing, others prefer forest or waterfall sounds. It is best to consult before purchasing a meditation CD into the songs in short, to sense whether it is approached by the music.

However, music can serve not only the soft background music while meditating. to do with meditation music to an entirely new and particularly intense aesthetic pleasure is also possible. Especially with classical music can listen through deliberate and depth in the sounds not only deepen the musical experience, but also achieve an almost meditative state. Whether the mighty sounds of Beethoven, the "God's Music" by Anton Bruckner or the authority designated by many to be almost unearthly music of Mozart - a conscious focus on the sounds can forget everything else, is built on a deep and effective meditation and helps reduce stress.

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