Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cruciate ligament therapy

The ACL connects the thigh bone with the shin. The cruciate ligament is much involved, that the motion of the knee is going right. If you hyperextended the knee or the knee is flexed by force, the result is a torn ligament. Treatment of this injury is usually a physical, consisting of physical therapy and exercise therapy. It can also occur injuries in which also the inner band or the medial meniscus damage. Noted, the torn ligament by X-rays and the so-called Arhtoskopie - mirroring the knee. A torn ligament Physiotherapy is especially athletes absolutely necessary.

Approach to the torn ligament treatment

Very often, the torn ligament must be treated surgically. Especially in athletes, this is the case. The cruciate ligament is replaced surgically. For that, a portion of the tendon between the kneecap and shin bone, called the patella tendon. This portion of the tendon can be easily removed by different techniques are parts of the tendon in his knee anchored.

Who is not as physically active can mostly do without a torn ligament consistent Physiotherapy for the operation. Can be achieved by training the thigh muscles that the knee can lead very well. This achieves a stability, which completely sufficient for the everyday stresses and movements. To further ligament therapy includes coordination exercises, manual techniques, such as massage and electrotherapy. For a few weeks you should also create a special knee brace so that the cross rail will not be charged a lot.

Doctors informed about the possibilities of physiotherapy cruciate ligament and the way forward. Physiotherapists can also achieve good results, an operation so that in many cases can be avoided. There are countless good therapy centers that can demonstrate good prospects of success in treatment torn ligament. Athletes, as skiers are affected by the load on the knee joints very often of a torn ligament. The proper techniques while practicing the sport can also cause the cruciate ligament is not very loaded so it does not tear.

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