Monday, November 5, 2012

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a system, which gives a person the independence to have the pleasure of cigarette smoking without cigarette smoking. It uses advance micro-electronic technology to give its users an actual cigarette smoking experience without cigarettes. It tastes and feels like an actual smoking but it isn’t, it is a better cigarette smoking alternative. electronic cigarettes gives a cigarette smoker the chance of cigarette smoking in a much better way by giving the smoking hit without being exposed to the chemicals present in a conventional smoking as there is no cigarettes, no fire and no smoking so there is no danger of smoking and offers reduced health hazards. It is recyclable so there is no problem of discarding grows and no ash.
Electronic cigarettes look like a conventional smoking, the white aspect is a standard lithium power supply & the filter aspect is a exchangeable container, which holds the watered down smoking. Battery power and the container are attached using an atomizing stage. When the user breathes in through the product, an indicator finds the circulation. A micro-processor then triggers an atomizer, which inserts minute drops of the liquid into the streaming air and vaporizes the smoking. This generates vapor, which is consumed by the individual. The addition of propylene glycerin to the fluid makes the vapor better look like normal cigarettes.

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