Friday, January 7, 2011

Do you pay tax on beauty?

France, land of taxes as everyone knows, it might well break new ground with an amendment proposed by the Senate and inspired by examples from abroad and other industries. This amendment provides for tax from 2010 manufacturers and importers of cosmetics that perform more than € 763,000 sales per year, based on 0.25% of turnover.

These amounts would aim to provide financial resources to AFSSAPS, the French Agency for Safety and Health Products, responsible for ensuring the safety of products placed on the cosmetic market and whose resources are today ' hui deemed insufficient to carry out its tasks, according to Senator. Note however that AFSSAPS is not the only body responsible for ensuring the safety of cosmetics (DGCCRF, for example, is also) and that its duties are much broader than just cosmetic. Why this sudden focus on cosmetics? Is this another one of these attacks on the industry is regularly the target because the general climate of mistrust, however, which relies on any particular public health problem, no cases of danger which would have recognized could make headlines and cause a stir in public opinion?

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