Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help with eczema through prevention and relief

Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases. It usually runs in waves, the skin shows clear signs of inflammation, such as redness, scaling, swelling or oozing. Particularly distressing is the strong itching in atopic dermatitis. Often young children are already affected by this skin disease, but it can regress back to adolescence. Particularly distressing is the agonizing pruritus in atopic dermatitis, assistance should be here as effectively as possible, as can easily penetrate through the constant scratching of itchy skin bacteria and fungi. The causes of this disease are not yet fully explored, a hereditary system was adopted, as is the interplay of numerous internal and external factors such as stress, allergies and environmental influences. In atopic dermatitis should be thought of a possible food intolerance. A general therapy, which guarantees complete cure, it is not eczema, help with preventive and palliative measures can significantly improve the lot of those concerned. Because atopic dermatitis is present an extremely dry, sensitive skin, is the appropriate skin care has an important task. Very short, lukewarm baths, avoidance of intensive cleaning and the regular use of strong lubricating provide care for neurodermatitis help. Medical skin care products that support the acid mantle of the skin and contain no perfumes, are particularly recommended. In the case of an acute episode can be anti-inflammatory creams and lotions are applied, infected skin, as they are often caused by scratching, should be dealt with effectively, such as antibiotic drugs. To alleviate the severe itching with atopic dermatitis, itching funds are used. Some of them have fatigue as a side effect, this can sometimes be helpful to promote around the sleep of children, which, because of the itching may otherwise find little peace. Many sufferers of neurodermatitis expect help from a stay at the Dead Sea. The specific interaction of sea water, air and sun exposure can lead to major successes in atopic dermatitis. Also offer include contributions Acupuncture, UV-irradiation and relaxation techniques such as autogenic training and yoga as useful measures of atopic dermatitis.

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