Sunday, May 9, 2010

Neurodermatitis: Infants and children helps a cure

There are of eczema, babies and children as affected as adults. If eczema affects babies, it is particularly annoying because you can not explain why the young patients, it itches and skin peels. Often, extreme itching, scaling and redness of the affected skin are typical symptoms of atopic dermatitis. It is caused by extremely sensitive and very dry skin of the person concerned. The itching is often unbearable and it is common to the scratches causes the patient himself. Scratching the skin is cracked and bacteria to become established. This in turn leads to additional infections. The skin wets and then encrusted flying alongside the disturbing look back to an itch through the healing process. It's a vicious circle for those affected.
Neurodermatitis: Infants and children affected as well as adults

It is still unclear exactly what factors are responsible for the skin disease. The starting point is inheritable genetic defects, certain environmental factors or environmental toxins and food allergens and emotional stress. The disease is not contagious. They usually occur in infancy and often disappears at the beginning of puberty without a clearly apparent reason. In an eczema treatment is to cure those affected with various approaches to help.

Eczema is not curable, but you can treat them. There are different forms of therapy for the treatment and alleviation of symptoms. In eczema cure a holistic approach to therapy is used as a basis. The combination of medical treatment of diseased skin, a psychotherapy for the analysis of possible provocation factors and a relaxing feeling and body awareness are the key to the success of physiotherapy treatment. The basis is beginning an extensive medical history. Known provocation factors can already be detected. Also can be done in suspected allergy to trigger an allergy test.

Atopic dermatitis is caused by dry skin. This can be counteracted with ointments and creams. Also, special radiation methods are used or salt baths. Relaxation techniques can give the psyche strengthening.

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