Monday, February 21, 2011

Muscle: Nutrition is important

Only a perfect combination of different factors ensure a healthy and optimum muscle growth. Nutrition and physical exercise are the main components that must be perfectly coordinated. In order for the physical training to show success, the human body needs enough nutrients to build muscle mass and the muscle groups supplied with sufficient energy can be. This is possible only with an excess of calories in the diet. For specific muscle nutrition must first personal calorie requirements are calculated. For the muscle can be included as about 300 Kcal. Food intake should be divided in several small portions a day, so the energy is always guaranteed.

Main components of the diet should be primarily fats and proteins. Proteins are required for muscle growth, fat (preferably high-quality fats, should be with a high content of essential fatty acids) is required for the proper metabolism. Especially after training sessions and carbohydrates are important.
Muscle, Nutrition vote on Training

To fill the empty after a workout glycogen stores again, one should take about two hours afterwards, especially simple sugars themselves. Just such a short time after training plays a very special significance because the protein is increased in this period, accelerating the uptake of amino acids into the muscle cells. Here you can buy ready-made products that comply with the requirements.

In general you should look for a balanced diet, be fed in sufficient quantity, to the vitamins, minerals, fiber and trace elements. A deficiency can cause health damage and reduce the efficiency of the body strong.

So get all the nutrients quickly and effectively into the muscle cells, it is important to drink enough. Will be consumed with a meal too few nutrients deposited in the fat depots and did not reach the muscle cells. A set of three to four liters of water daily is recommended.

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