Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In severe cases cortisone injection for hay fever

At last spring, the world awakened to new life! The horror for every Allergiegeplagten. Tearing, burning, red eyes, runny or stuffy noses, scratchy throat, cough. While many enjoy the beautiful weather and their leisure activities again move more into the open, the Allergy hide in the house, usually still with the windows closed.

Many medicines for hay fever, the the Allergiegeplagten to provide relief are now available on the market. Many of them you get a prescription to the pharmacy. In the application of a distinction between locally and internally. Nasal sprays, eye drops and ointments are among the local preparations, tablets, capsules or juice can be used for internal use. However, all these products do not help anymore, because the symptoms are too strong, the doctor must treat hay fever with cortisone. Since hay fever can lead to serious diseases, like asthma, for example, would not it make sense from a medical point of view, to abandon the treatment because the patient imagines the belief that he must survive the hayfever without help. An allergic shock can also occur, which may even lead to untreated cardiovascular failure and even heart failure and be able to find a fatal outcome. Therefore, hay fever is a very serious disease.

At worst symptoms is the cortisone injection for hay fever pretty much the only or even best choice. It works very fast and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. felt shortly after application of corticosteroid injection for hay fever, the patient considerable relief that also leads to a long-term improvement.

Many fear, however, side effects. Cortisone injection cortisone preparations with the new is no longer pose danger The bad opinion, which is popularly disseminated via the corticosteroid is administered from the time when old drugs over too long a period and in too high doses have been. With the new steroid preparations are virtually no side effects. Cortisone injection is very effective to help the patient and for a short-term application ideal.


  1. In 1968, when I was 23, in Wheaton Ill, I was given a cortisone shot from a German dermatologist to treat my lifelong struggles with eczema. I had also suffered hay fever type allergies. Within a day all eczema as well as acne was completely gone - it was like a miracle! I was preparing to marry and that single shot lasted me three years. If memory serves, I took the shot about every three years for two, maybe three more times. I have had no side effects, except good ones. No flare-ups again ever since then, and I'm now 66. Now... my granddaughter, a brother and nephew could use this help. I have no recall who the doctor was or if any doctor would do this today! I wish I did.

  2. Cortisone must be administered properly. The treatment has to be done accordingly.

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